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1. Truth Initiative Glitch _30_Moment
Truth Initiative Glitch :30
lovehoney__30__love_how_you_love_ (1080p)_Moment
Love How You Love :30
Truth Initiative Loop :30
woman wearing mask
Mazda Heroes Jennifer Marks
woman with red lipstick
Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge :30
Mazda Hometown Heroes…Christie Purviance
Mazda Heroes Christie Purviance
boy wearing a cap
Canada Goose Romeo Beckham :30
A person walking in red snow boots
Canada Goose Jordin Tootoo :30
woman in winter snow
Canada Goose Sarain Fox :30
A bird with a red color thing on his beak
Deflated :15
A digital illustration of a cartoon in yellow
Unapeeling :15
A digital illustration of a frog on a leaf
Vibing Frogs :15
The Young and the depressed title
Telenovela :15
A digital illustration of cartoon figures
Depression Sssstick :15
A digital illustration of a husky cartoon man
Boss Battle :15
A man wearing cow make up on his face
Moory Cowich :15
A digital illustration of cartoon characters
Meet The Sticks :15
A digital illustration of a cartoon characters eyes
Staring Contest :15
State Farm NBA Inner Dialogue :30
Domo with Alec Baldwin
State Farm NBA Cannon :60
Little Caesars Say Cheese :30
Google Android Pay :30
StubHub Sunday :10
StubHub Couples Therapy :15
State Farm Neighborhood Sessions Facebook Live
StubHub Diva Behavior :10

Colleen is an executive producer specializing in broadcast, digital and social content.  Recently, she executed campaigns for Truth Initiative with Mojo Supermarket, Canada Goose with Virtue Worldwide and State Farm NBA with Translation. Projects have also included line producing for Lancôme and packages/short films for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Previously, Colleen oversaw production of 200+ live action promos, image spots and show opens for Vh1 Brand Creative. Notable past projects were series producing Mazda Heroes for Vice, field producing Survivor Fiji for CBS and production managing Fight Science for National Geographic. With a proven record in financial and creative management, Colleen thrives on collaboration and making cool sh**.