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1. Truth Initiative Glitch _30_Moment
Truth Initiative Glitch :30
lovehoney__30__love_how_you_love_ (1080p)_Moment
Love How You Love :30
Truth Initiative Loop :30
woman wearing mask
Mazda Heroes Jennifer Marks
woman with red lipstick
Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge :30
Mazda Hometown Heroes…Christie Purviance
Mazda Heroes Christie Purviance
boy wearing a cap
Canada Goose Romeo Beckham :30
Canada Goose Jordin Tootoo :30
woman in winter snow
Canada Goose Sarain Fox :30
A bird with a red color thing on his beak
Deflated :15
A digital illustration of a cartoon in yellow
Unapeeling :15
A digital illustration of a frog on a leaf
Vibing Frogs :15
The Young and the depressed title
Telenovela :15
A digital illustration of cartoon figures
Depression Sssstick :15
A digital illustration of a husky cartoon man
Boss Battle :15
A man wearing cow make up on his face
Moory Cowich :15
A digital illustration of cartoon characters
Meet The Sticks :15
A digital illustration of a cartoon characters eyes
Staring Contest :15
State Farm NBA Inner Dialogue :30
Domo with Alec Baldwin
State Farm NBA Cannon :60
Little Caesars Say Cheese :30
Google Android Pay :30
StubHub Sunday :10
StubHub Couples Therapy :15
State Farm Neighborhood Sessions Facebook Live
StubHub Diva Behavior :10

Colleen is an executive producer specializing in broadcast, digital, and social content. She recently executed award-winning campaigns for Truth Initiative with Mojo Supermarket, Canada Goose with Virtue Worldwide, and State Farm NBA with Translation. Projects have included line producing for Lancôme and packages/short films for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Previously, Colleen oversaw the production of 200+ live-action promos and show opens for Vh1 Brand Creative. Notable past projects were series-producing Mazda Heroes for Vice, field-producing Survivor Fiji for CBS, and line-producing Fight Science for National Geographic. With a proven record in financial and creative management, Colleen thrives on collaboration and making cool sh**.